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Saving ‘The Last Door’

Saving ‘The Last Door’

Hi, dear TLD fan:

I’m Mauricio García, director of The Game Kitchen, and one of the two programmers of this beloved indie game of ours.

Two months ago Daniel and the team were at the office when he suddenly shouted “This is shit!”. We knew he was facing a nasty bug, and honestly Daniel says things like that quite often. But after that we started to chat and we ended up agreeing that he was going to take a leave because the launching of “The Playwright” had left him exhausted.

Actually we were all very happy for the release of ‘The Playwright’ and loved reading your comments and feedback. But after some days after the release we had to face the fact that only 1% of the players that start playing The Last Door end up donating to keep it going. This is what is killing us. And trust me, Daniel’s case is not that special. At this point in The Last Door’s life everybody in the team have already faced a situation like this. We started to think…

Is crowdfunding the best for The Last Door?

You, players, have showed us countless times that you love The Last Door. So we may be doing something right, aren’t we? Then why it’s that we can’t cash our (low) salaries two months in a row?

We have some plans to save The Last Door to be the best it can be. And for that we plan on changing the crowdfunding model. If you are already a Premium member you don’t need to keep reading. It’s not affecting you, we already consider you the loyal fan you really are and you will keep all your current privileges. If you have donated occasionally, please keep reading to learn what you have to do.

We are here thanks to you

Thanks to everyone who has supported ‘The Last Door’ until now! From donating, talking about our game in social networks to sending us feedback to improve the game! Without you it’d have been impossible to reach 85K registered users in our website, and more than 2M plays in Flash free games platforms! ¡Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

If you already know us, you’ll know that our intention was always to make a game that could be enjoyed for the maximum amount of people. That’s why, we made up a business model that allowed us to keep financing the development of new chapters and at the same time, unlocking past chapters so anybody could enjoy them, regardless their purchasing power.

This business model has given us lots of satisfactions. It has enabled ‘The Last Door’ to secure a small but very proud spot in the recent indie videogames history.

The Last Door is kind of broken

Unfortunately though, our actual business model implies some serious issues that risk TLD’s continuity, being these two the most relevant ones:

  • Back when everything went as expected, and crowdfunding campaigns achieved their goals, that would only give us enough for terrible salaries. We were getting very low and unsustainable salaries although we were giving our best. Even worst, if crowdfunding doesn’t perform as expected, we end up missing a couple of paychecks here and there! In addition to that, we have to work under fiscal stance that aren’t designed to support small endeavors like ours, which translates that we have to pay really high direct taxes, regardless if there are enough money for ourselves or not.
  • Progressively longer conversion funnel: In ‘Online Marketing’ there’s this concept that portraits the steps a potential customer has to take to decide to ‘purchase’ the product or service offered. As a general rule, in order to have a good conversion ratio (amount of users that go from playing for free to end donating money) is desirable that the conversion funnel is as short as possible. In our case, each time we develop a new episode, the conversion funnel gets longer. That’s because the time the user is asked to decide if he wants to donate some money, is situated between the second-to-last and last chapter. The ultimate conclusion is that the percentage of users donating is reduced with each new episode we publish.


This is far from over

After carefully studying all options, we’ve took the decision to abandon our current business model, based in episodic crowdfunding. From now on, starting with the release of the sixth episode ‘My Dearest Visitor’, we’ll start to sell the game in a slightly more traditional way: episodes will be sold separately, or in season packs.

I know this could be shocking, but don’t panic! If you’ve donated before you’ll maintain all the privileges you had, no action on your part required:

  • If you unlocked an episode or the soundtrack, you’ll still continue to have access to that episode, its soundtrack and all the previous ones, with their soundtracks.
  • If you’re a Premium User, you’ll automatically be able to enjoy all the beta versions, final episodes, soundtracks and features of all the previous and future episodes.
  • ‘Hall Of Fame’ users will continue to be featured in the Hall Of Fame, as planned.

The new pricing plans will be applied simultaneously to the release of the new episode of the second season: ‘My Dearest Visitor’, next April 6th .

Take advantage of the situation before it ends

We want to offer all of you the best and smoothest transition to the new pricing plans. That’s why, as of today, coinciding with the immediate availability of ‘My Dearest Visitor’ beta version, you’ll find a ‘Special Offer’ page in the website.

We’ve carefully designed these three options to accommodate all of your needs:

  • For those who haven’t donated yet, and want to keep all the past episodes: A donation of 2€ will instantly unlock ‘The Playwright’ and it’ll give full access to all previous episodes.
  • For those who want to be a part of the story, now: A donation of 5€ will unlock the beta and final versions of ‘My Dearest Visitor’, it’s soundtrack, plus granted access for live to all previous episodes and their soundtracks.
  • For those who want it all: The ‘Premium’ subscription will be disappearing with the new price plans. You’ll have until April 6th to become a Premium community member, after that only Premiums will be the ones to enjoy a complete lifetime pass to everything ‘The Last Door’. So, if that is what you want, don’t miss this last chance to unlock everything, for ever, for just 10€.

We hope these changes bring us the stability we need to keep developing The Last Door with the attention and caring it deserves. As we usually do, we’re open to your suggestions. There’s still time to detail all of the changes, so once more, we count on you to let us know what you think about them in the comment section.

Thank you very much  for your understanding.

Mauricio Garcia,
in behalf of the entire The Game Kitchen’s team.

EDIT: Some of you have kindly asked for a way to send us a donation. You guys are awesome! If you want to contribute a few bucks to help the game stay alive, use this button:

72 thoughts on “Saving ‘The Last Door’

  1. Hold on guys!
    This is hard. We have the same kind of problem in my Company.

    You are doing an amazing job anyway. The Last Door is pure awesomness.

    I think your new model coming with “My dearest visitor” is a good idea. I hope you’ll succeed in monetizing more.

    All the best,
    A humble premium user and french H.P Lovecraft game creator.

    1. Thank you a lot, Manea!
      We’ve taken the decision of changing the business model in order to achieve our main priority: continue developing The Last Door! Although developing indie games is always hard, we hope we’ll be able to make it!

      Thank you for the support and best wishes to your company!

      Best regards,
      The Game Kitchen team

  2. I have always enjoyed TLD and it’s sad to know of this situation despite the high quality of your games. I am already a premium member but I will be donating again to help support you guys. I totally understand the need to switch to a more sustainable model. On the other hand, have you considered platforms like Patreon, where the funding can be obtained in a recurring basis?

    1. Hi Joey!
      Thanks! That’s a good idea! We’re open to suggestions regarding this change, so we’ll consider Patreon platform option too!
      Thank for your support and feedback!

      Best regards,
      The Game Kitchen team

  3. I’m seeing some misinformation here – ‘Special offer’ page says, that we have time to May 6th to get premium/other offers and here is that we only have time till not specified day in March. So, how is really is?

    1. Sorry, that’s an errata posted here! Already fixed! It’ll be released on April 6th! Thanks to keep an eye on that and let us know 😉

      1. Still, on ‘Special offer’ page is MAY 6th, not April.

        And I would like to have special offer for peoples who want to unlock only ‘The Dearest Visitor’. I already have ‘Playwright’ unlocked, so I don’t really have any offer suitable for me. (At the moment I don’t have money for Premium)

        I understand your decision for change, but I’m not really happy about it as it will mean, that I won’t be able to play TLD anymore. While 2.99 € isn’t big sum, it’s sum, which I need to think about before spending it especially as I relay on my friend’s paypal. I know you calculate everything and choose as little as you could, but for me it’s tiny too much – even such noob like me can finish episode in like half an hour. I wouldn’t hesitate as I used to to spend 1 € to unlock, 2 € seems pretty reasonable, but 3 € for 30 minutes of play (really great play, but still only 30 minutes) is no.

        1. Hi ShadyEyes!

          We’re sorry to hear that. We know some people really love the game, but cannot asume the cost of buying it.
          However, we need to make some changes to save the saga. My Dearest Visitor final version isn’t released yet, so there’s still time to redefine this new plan. We thank you for understanding this and we hope you could play future episodes any time soon.

          Best regards,
          The Game Kitchen team

          1. I understand and support your decision about changing for payments. You do great job and want to earn money out of it.

            Maybe consider adding forth option – 2 € for ‘My Dearest Visistor’, that would unlock after 6th April. You know, discount for paying early, but without beta access.

  4. Hi guys,

    I definitely support your decision and hope it to be successful : you and your games absolutely deserve it !

    Have you consider the opportunity to have some more paid bonuses for hardcore-fans ? I’ve already paid something like 20€ but I would be happy to give some more money to access to some side-quests or Lovecraftian contents… and I’m probably not the only one : I’ve just seen this week that the french version of “The Call of Cthulhu” RPG have achieved a 2000% crowdfunding campaign with many premium backers !

    Good luck !

    1. Hi mate!
      Thanks thanks thanks! We’re very proud of our community, it’s giving us a lot of positive feedback and great ideas. We’ve thought of offering new bonus content too! 😉 First, we have to switch to the new model and then we’ll consider the new features.

      Thanks for your support!

      Best regards,
      The Game Kitchen team

  5. Hi Guys,
    it’s sad to see you facing such hardships.

    Have you considered Patreon?
    You could make two options for monthly and per-release support payments.
    I’m sure there would be people willing to help you!

    1. Hi Anton!
      We’re reading all the suggestions of the community to choose the best one! We’ll consider that one too!
      Thanks for the support!

      Best regards,
      The Game Kithen team

  6. For a second I thought you’re abandoning TLD… Don’t scare people like that 😉 I’m an absolute TLD fan and I’ll support it as much as I can, I’m already a premium member, I bought the CE but I don’t mind keep paying for future episodes, which gave me an idea – why not provide a subscription plan? Let’s say 2-3 EUR a month, I’m sure quite a lot of people would like to support you that way and you would get a steady income.

    1. Hiya Piotr!

      hahaha No!!! We never abandon! We’re trying to resist, so that’s why we need the support and feedback of all the community to keep making TLD!
      We’re evaluating all the options, so yeah, subscription plan could be a way too!

      Thank you a lot ! Really! It’s by people like you that we continue with this dream of us!

      Best regards,
      The Game Kitchen team

  7. This game is awesome. I have donated in the past and i have gladly taken the offer to become a premium user.

    I hope our support will let you continue on this road – one of the best games i have played in a long time.

    Kudos to all of you.

    1. Thank you Coldkil! We hope you enjoy all the extra features and episodes! We’re trying to keep surfing this wave, because it’s our passion and because and for the gamers community who love TLD.

      Best regards,
      The Game Kitchen team

  8. Hi Guys,

    I bought an episode last year and then the collection at the end of the year. I had a question with regards to the story: how long is it? Do you know how many seasons it will take to complete it? Will you be completing an arc at the end of this season and then starting another? Before I step up and go premium, I’d like to know what the chances are that the story runs to completion. I certainly mean no disrespect by this; I just don’t want to go through another X-Files or Lost heartbreak 🙂

    Thanks & best of luck! Great work so far!

    1. Hi mate!

      We’re going to complete it. Either we’ll be able to tell the complete story of TLD or closing the saga before. That’s why we need the support of the community, to do it properly.
      Thanks for the feedback and the support!

      Best regards,
      The Game Kitchen team

      1. Signed up this week, played through the 3 chapters I hadn’t tackled yet. Gets better and better as you go. The last was excellent. Keep up the awesome work.

        1. Hello twaitsfan!
          Thank you very much! We’re working hard to improve the quality of the game everyday and comments like yours keeps us moving forward!
          Best regards,

          TGK team

  9. Sorry to hear about your problems. But your game is too good, I really don’t believe the community will let it die, whatever business model you choose, so don’t worry!
    Personally, I just bought the premium version, and I wouldn’t mind spending more in the future to play new episodes.

    1. Hi figura4!

      We hope that too! TLD community has been beyond the incredible ever since we created it! We’re very happy of all we’ve achieved and we can’t be but happy with all the feedback and support we’ve received!

      Thank you a lot! We really appreciate all you’re doing!

      Best regards,
      The Game Kitchen team

  10. Just put the bleeding game up on Steam, as Early Access. You will get all the money you could ever need to complete it.

    1. This is exactly what you need to do! Just give us an early acces version of The Last Door that will update with the new chapters and plenty of people will buy it.

    2. I second that!
      The only reason I don’t donate is waiting for the whole second season to be released on Steam. But if there were Early Access to it there, I’d buy it.

    3. Hi guys!
      That’s a great idea! Thanks for it! We’re gonna study it! 😀


  11. It’s really hurts to hear such things.
    I’m a fan from China, due to some credits card issues, I’ve not donated in the website, but I bought the CE in steam and recommend this amazing series to all my friends.
    Really hope you can pull through these difficulty times.

    And there’s some suggestions:
    1. You are just too humble to value your amazing masterpiece.
    It DESERVES more, do not count on donations, if the latter episodes could last for about 2 hours, just put them on Steam, release episode by episode, like the Telltale did.

    2. Deploy the translation to steam and other platforms.
    Language barrier is the major problem to spread TLD world wide. As we have some many passionate friends in community and already a fantastic tool for community translation.
    Just choose the best translation and ask for permission from the translator. I think most people would be glad to contributing to this amazing project. Also you can reward the best translation for premium user or something. Just let every one of the community have a chance to save TLD.

    3. Abandon the mobile platform. I don’t know the exact income you achieved from Android & iOS, I just think it’s not wise to spend time and hardwork in these platforms while the majority users of the mobile would not enjoy TLD.
    If I’m wrong, ignore this : p

    Best Regards.

    1. Hi shane533!
      Thank you very much! You’ve made some interesting points we’re working on.

      1. Thank you so much! We love all the good reviews, comments and support the TLD community has given us, and for that we can’t be more but grateful and proud. Because we’ve achieved this compromise with the gamers its also why we want to continue developing TLD.

      2. That’s a really interesting point! 😉 It’s a great idea everybody could enjoy TLD in their language and share their passion with their colleagues, so translations is one thing we’re working on!

      3. We thought the mobile community could enjoy The Last Door too. As we’ve already developed them, there’s not very much to work on it right now. But thanks for the opinion!

      Thank you for the support and feedback Shane! 🙂

      Best regards,

  12. i am a great fun of the series! keep it up guys an i will support you at April 6th. Hold on!

    1. Hi Vasilis!

      Thank you! We’ll be waiting for you! 😉

      Best regards,
      TGK team

  13. Aaaand that was all it took for me. Immediately signed as a premium member. Haven’t played in awhile, but I definitely don’t want this gone. The game is pretty enjoyable and probably the only point & click I’ve ever really, really enjoyed!

    1. Hiya NasiDe!

      Thank you!! Your support keeps us working hard!
      Best regards,

      TGK team

  14. TLD is amazing but I understand your problem to get business model up and running. The episode/season pack model seems much better than the actual model.
    However, I’ve been thinking if it would be a good idea to leave the first episode open so that everyone can see how amazing this is before paying. What do you think?

    1. Hi Marcelo!

      Yes, we’ve thought of that! It’s one of the best ideas to let the people know the game! Thank you for your comment!

      Best regards,
      TGK team

  15. I’m in full support of the team changing the business model. I think it is actually a milestone for TLD being “mature” for the market. I don’t mean free games are usually not satisfying but it is always great to see new ways of getting funds. I will absolutely purchase the package once it’s available. Please keep it running!

    1. Hiya wiener_cat!

      Thank you so much! 😀 It’s a big change for us and we want the community to be with us in this period too!

      TGK team

  16. Curunir makes a very good point! Why aren’t you early accessing? TLD is way better than most of EA out there.

    1. Hi twaitsfan!

      Yes, he’s made a great point and we think the community would help us from there too! We’re studying all the options! 😉

      TGK team

  17. I can see why the model has faltered. I don’t even remember how much I paid for my premium membership. All I know is that it wasn’t very much and now you are obligated to give me free access forever. That’s a pretty raw deal on your end. Also, once I’m logged in, I can’t even find an option to donate more if I wanted to. There’s no little tip-jar button or anything. The only way I can give you more money is to buy a Tshirt in which most to the profits are eatten by printig and shipping costs. Besides that, I really don`t like the shirts.

    1. Hi SketchedLilly!

      We think it’s a great opportunity to access all contents from 10€. It’s our way to reward all the support we’ve received from the backers, and also the best transition way to the new model from the actual players.

      Anyway, if you want to support the team regarding the products, there’s still a way. You can make a donation to the team through this link:

      Thank you so much for all the support!
      Best regards,

      TGK team

  18. I wish you gave more details on what your future plans are. However, I think you should definitely focus on steam as it’s much more high profile than your site. I loved the first season but liked having it as a complete product on steam having including the whole season. I might go for premium but having steam keys for full seasons would sweeten the deal. Paying for access to play a game on a web site is a bit less appealing than for a steam game.

    Anyway I’m glad it seems like you are abandoning funding individual episodes. That didn’t seem sustainable to me.

    1. Hi Justin!

      Thank you for your advice! We’re evaluating all the options! Glad you like the new model!

      Best regards,

      TGK team

  19. I would buy the new episodes if they were in Steam.

  20. Hola! Siento mucho que tengáis tantos problemas para financiar The Last Door, desde que lo conozco he intentado ayudar en la medida de lo posible y me gustaría poder seguir haciéndolo. Considerando que he estado donando desde la primera temporada para tener acceso a cada capítulo creo que la mejor opción para mi sería apuntarme directamente a la versión premium, pero me gustaría saber si la oferta se refiere a 10 € por mes, por año…
    Mucho ánimo y espero que consigáis toda la ayuda del mundo 🙂

    1. La oferta de 10€ es un pago único para disfrutar de TLD de por vida. Es nuestra forma de agradecer a todos los que nos han acompañado hasta ahora, y nos han ayudado a llegar hasta aquí. Un abrazo!

  21. Siento mucho que estéis pasando por estos problemas siendo vuestro trabajo tan grande como es. Desde el primer capítulo el juego me enganchó y conforme avanzaba en la historia me iba gustando más y más. Tiene muchísimo carácter en todos los sentidos y está realmente bien hecho, y tengo que decir que soy muy crítica y selectiva con lo que juego. Habéis aportado algo nuevo a los point and click y es algo que se agradece en el género.
    Estamos viviendo una situación muy complicada económicamente, pero no desistáis, porque vuestro trabajo es muy bueno y los seguidores del juego os vamos a apoyar en todo lo posible. Ya compré el pack de la primera temporada hace un par de meses, nada más terminar de jugarla online, porque a pesar de no estar en una situación muy boyante quería de verdad apoyar vuestro trabajo. Y ahora que necesitáis aún más ese apoyo, intentaré poner mi granito de arena una vez más en la medida que mi bolsillo me permita para echaros una mano.
    ¡¡Mucha suerte!! Plantearos todas las buenas ideas que os han comentado por aquí (los bonus y las claves de steam me han gustado particularmente), seguid trabajando duro y ya veréis como poco a poco esto va tomando forma 🙂 ¡Un abrazo!

    1. ¡Hola Kory!

      Muchísimas gracias por tus sinceras palabras. Vamos a poner todo nuestro empeño en seguir con este proyecto, porque nosotros creemos que lo merece y por todos los jugadores a los que les encanta el juego y que nos han mostrado su apoyo. Además, creemos que todavía queda mucho de TLD por hacer y muchos jugadores que no lo conocen todavía. Estamos trabajando duro en todas las actualizaciones y en estudiar las posibles vías de financiación como las que habéis sugerido la comunidad.

      ¡Gracias por el apoyo y un fuerte abrazo!

      The Game Kitchen

  22. Hm… maybe support on Patreon can help …

    1. Maybe! We’re going to study it!

      TGK team

  23. …you know, for some of us it’s not that we don’t want to donate, or donate more, but the conversion rates are brutal. 10 Euros would translate to nearly 50 dollars in my country’s currency. For poor students (like yours truly), that’s a really painful amount.

    Still, I get what it’s like to wonder where your next meal comes from. And I can live with staying at home and eating cheap meals for a week. So here’s my donation, guys; please try your best to stay strong! God bless you all.

    1. Hi Akira,
      Wow! We really appreciate your support! It’s beyond the incredible! You are so involved in the game! Thank you so much for your effort! We’re giving our best to please you!

      Best regards mate and thank you again!

      The Game Kitchen team

  24. Hi there,

    I’m a long-time fan of TLD. Played all of the episodes and bought the CE on Steam. I also fully support your switch to the new monetization method. There’s been some great suggestions from the community as well in regards to Steam Early Access and Patreon. I was also thinking you could try something like Wil Wheaton/Geek & Sundry did for Season 3 of Tabletop, which is to run a crowdfunding campaign to fund a full season instead of episode by episode. If you figured out a minimum amount you’d need for the whole season and crowdfund that through IndieGogo or Kickstarter or whatever, then had added ongoing support through something like Patreon that could work out really well for you guys. Just a thought.

    I’ll also be pulling the trigger on the Premium access as soon as I post this to give you guys a boost. I would also donate to a full season crowdfunding campaign and to a Patreon, for the record. 🙂

    1. Hi Kill0byte,

      We thought crowdfunding each episode wasn’t a good idea, as we had to start a campaign every episode we released. We were putting too much effort in that, while the priority is to improve the game and continue developing the saga. That’s why we’ve changed the monetization method. Thank you for supporting us in this new model! We know it’s a significant effort!
      We take all the suggestions of the community and yours are great too! We have to consider them big time, because some of you are encouraging ideas we never thought about . Thank you for your comment and the big support! It means a lot to us, as we work hard everyday to make this dream possible!

      Best regards,

      The Game Kitchen team

  25. I am sad to hear that you guys have problems but I am glad that you try to face them and keep TLD alive.

    Being from Germany I would second what already has been said. I bought the GOG version of the game and was very disappointed that the game does not support the fan translations which were already made. It is a great game but as long as you don’t break the language barriere only a few will enjoy it or be willing to pay for it. Those translations already are finished and translations for future episodes will surely be not a problem because of the fans of TLD. Take a look at the “Gone Home” website ( They simply added links to their website containing the fan translations and build their game the way that it is easy to add the translations to the game. No legal hassle and a much broader audience for the game. I also like to mention that most people want to archive their games so a web-only solution is not that great. It is good as a preview but in the end the gamer wants to keep something. That is why I bough the Collector’s Edition. So to get more buyers for the CE made a patch so the game can use the fan translations. In optimal case you should have some translation links on your website. Future episodes will then work as before but should always be regarded as prevew versions with a CE following to have them all in one neat package. Maybe there is the possibility to give a discount for premium users for the CE. The game itself is perfect so no need to change any of it.

    Keep up the good work

    Marko (Hamburg, Germany)

    1. Hi there Marko!

      Thank you for the support and the good feedback. Now the final version of “My Dearest Visitor” is finished we’re going to study all the possibilities to use the translations of the game for the stores, so people who bought the CE could use them too. Maybe the example you show could be the solution!

      Thanks again and best regards,

      The Game Kitchen team

  26. Nooo, I missed the blog post and upon reading the newsletter today, I noticed that yesterday was the deadline for obtaining preumium membership :c

    Is there really no way for me to pay in advance for future episodes and obtain permanent access to TLD?

    Anyhow, I think it is a fair choice that you guys decided to start selling your awesome games for a very low price instead of just giving it away. You deserve it and I will be gladly paying for it!

    1. Hiya Bas! Sorry you didn’t catch up with the news! 🙁 We did all we could to inform everybody. Premium membership no longer exists, so for the moment there’s no way to obtain permanent access to TLD (although with the season pass you’ll get everything of this season). Thank you very much for supporting us and to be happy about our change! Cheers!

  27. Bueno, disfrute el juego hasta donde se pudo, es un trabajo maravilloso, se que tienen buenas razones para este cambio y la necesidad los ha llevado a tomar estas medidas urgentes, lo comprendo, pero no lo acepto, cerrar la puerta definitivamente y que solo el que paga puede entrar, me llena de tristeza, pero si no hay mas opción que despedirse del juego (mientras todo vaya en este rumbo) no queda de otra, y nada mas, desde mi punto de vista muy personal, es posible que caigan en los problemas que afronta Microsoft o los artistas con la pirateria, una observación nada mas. Éxitos en el futuro.

    1. Hola Carlos.
      Muchas gracias por la comprensión. Sabemos los riesgos de este cambio, sin embargo teníamos que tomar medidas urgentes y esta es la manera que hemos afrontado para salvar TLD. Nos encantaría que no tuvieses que despedirte de él y que todo el mundo que realmente crea que estamos haciendo un buen trabajo nos apoye, ya que para continuar con el desarrollo del juego tenemos que mantenernos a flote. Saludos!

  28. Good afternoon!

    I am from France and let me tell you I enjoy the series! It also makes me improve my spanish (I’m 24 and well since my first english word, I think I mastered it by now). I want to work later as a translator, adaptor, work in the sector or subtitling, adapting series, films, video games and why not, work on the dubbing!
    And this is where I think I can help you in order to make you game series more known in the world.
    Right now, I have exams but I’ll start my year over in an university that proposes a Master in the sector I want to be.
    And I still didn’t find work yet. Therefore, waiting to find one, I can give you some of my time to translate your games in french, and speak of it with some friends of mine or, why not, in the website I am creating! Besides, this can be a great exercise for me!
    If I can help you make you more famous, I’ll be very happy!
    I hope to have answer from you soon!
    Keep it up, guys!

    Very sincerely,


    1. Good afternoon Fabien!
      Thank you so much for your offer. We’re glad you liked The Last Door. Did you played the Collector’s Edition or the series in our site? We do have a translator tool in our site and we’d be very happy to add your translation to the game:
      For the Collector’s Edition we’ll have to talk with the publisher to do it, but we think it’d be great too, as we have lots of french-speaker players that love to have it in their language too. Let us know your thoughts and the best luck with your career!


      TGK team

      1. By reading your answer, I am very happy! I got to the forums to find the tools but… Actually, there’s isn’t any… Did I miss something?

        1. Hi Fabien!
          The tool for translations aren’t in the forum but in each episode or in the link I posted above. When you select the episode and “play online”, it’ll appear in the right lower corner.

  29. First and foremost: congratulations on making it this far as a free-to-play game series, it’s a great thing to be but I’m also really glad you’ve decided to take this approach to funding.
    I understand that this is un-affordable for some but this change in business model shows that you are actually growing into a professional and competitive game developer.

    Furthermore, this is a really gorgeous site and game and I am very glad that you did not take the other road and fill this place with cheap ads like so many other sites. You’ve put a lot of work into making this site independent and self-sustaining and that is admirable.

    It is unfortunate that you have to charge for the chapters because it does make it less accessible to a degree because it prevents a whole group of consumers from playing.

    However, the controlled release of the first chapter is fantastic! I first encountered TLD on Newgrounds and then followed it here and spent the little bit to enjoy the whole experience. I would really encourage more controlled releases from time to time to rally more interest and to post info on other sites; it got my attention.

    Overall, thank you and congratulations on taking the next step as a successful game developer and sticking to your morals to the best of your abilities. I really look forward to the future of TLD .

    1. Wow! Awesome feeling: You totally got us!
      Thank you so so much, Taylor! We’re really happy you understand all the situation TGK is living. It’s even more rewarding all your compliments and you appreciating all the things we’re doing to maintain true to ourselves and TLD (and keep working!). It means a lot to us!

  30. Ah, I can definitely understand you guys. Earning a sufficient amount of money to keep a F2P project going AND make a living with it can be quite difficult, especially in the intermediary stages of the project. And since the knock-on financing of smaller developers/studios such as TGK usually isn’t adequate to last unto the later stages of increased marketability, I actually somehow expected this measure.

    Nevertheless: Did you at some point consider a F2P/PWYW hybrid solution as a marketing model for TLD?

    1. Hi Jack!
      We’re still measuring the results of the change in the monetization model. When we did it, we didn’t think an hybrid solution as the answer, but we’ll do if the one right one doesn’t work. We’re trying to find out which is the best way for The Last Door to keep being developed. Thanks for your message!

  31. Above you said that you are trying to figure out a way to include the already finished translations into the Collector’s Edition as well. So far nothing happened and all you say in the forum now is that the CE is only available in English and Spanish. As much as I like the game but I think it’s not fair that the CE has an important downside to the online game because of the missing fan translation and the missing possibility to include them manually. There has to be a way to include the fan made translations into the CE as well – please make it possible! This would also lead to more sold CEs because many people are simply dependant on a localisation.

    1. Hi! Our plan is to take advantage of the push of the new season’s release on each platform, to update the first season with a couple of new features, including new languages supported officially, and the ability to use community translation files. The new season on Steam will have this feature from day 1. Cheers!

  32. Hi!
    Just read the text in and found a little failure. I clicked on the link behind ‘My Dearest Visitor’ that leads to the adresse
    my firefox tells me 404 page not found.
    Just wanted you to know.

    Sorry for my possibly “strange kind of english” – it’s not my native language

    bye 😉

    1. Thanks for the tip! We’ve since changed the how URL work in the site, and didn’t notice that some may broke. It’s now pointing to the Episode menu in the new site. Cheers!

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