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What’s next for ‘The Last Door’?

As you probably know, we just recently published another astonishing instalment of ‘The Last Door’ series, Season Two, Episode Three “The Reunion”. I figured that maybe there’s a few players wondering what’s next for the series. Keep reading, and I’ll try to lay out our immediate plans for you, as a I answer some of the most popular question we’ve been asked recently.

How many more episodes are going to be?

Now, our main focus is in finishing the second season of the series with one more episode. This would make a total of 4 episodes, as they were in the first season. Pre-production of the final episode of the season will start soon, in September, as soon as everybody is back from a short holiday leave.

Will S02E04 be the last episode ever?

For now, all we know is that we want to give something else a try. We’ve been working in ‘The Last Door’ for more than two years, and it’s increasingly evident for us that we, as artists, need to give something else a try. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a third season at some point, but for now, we’ll be granting us the chance to take some risks with a new game.

Regarding the story, is going to have and ending?

Yes. The next episode will provide a satisfactory ending: Many question will be answered at last, but also expect a few of them to remain, for you to provide your own theories or for us to address in the future.

Are you bringing ‘Season Two’ to [Steam/GoG/iOS/Android/etc.]?

Yes! We’re in conversation with Phoenix Online Publishing to release the new season on all of major platforms. For season one, we didn’t start working on releasing the Collector’s Edition until all four episodes were done and released in the website. For Season Two, on the contrary, work has already started, and it’s coming along very nicely. Our plan is to make at least Steam happen as soon as possible.

If it’s humanly possible, and mostly because you guys have asked for it in numerous occasions, we’ll be releasing Season Two in some of those platforms before the final episode is finished and available in the website. Later, shortly after it hits the website, release it on all other platforms via update, so it’s in you hand as soon as possible, regardless of your platform of choice.

We never had a release so big before, so please bear with us. Many things could go wrong and have our plans frustrated, but we believe even in the worst case scenario, we’ll still be able to release all platforms in a much shorter time span than Season One. Finger crossed 😉

Our friends at Phoenix Online are going to help us through, and like in the previous occasion, they’ll be sharing all the details with you along the process.

More languages for Steam/GoG/iOS/Android

We’re happy to announce that, close to the release of the new season, we’re planning to issue an update for ‘The Last Door – Collector’s Edition’ that:

  • Will add official support for some languages.
  • In the case of the Steam/Gog version, will add support for user created translations.

What about Windows Phone?

The first season of The Last Door it’s coming to Windows Phone really soon, published by our friends at GameTroopers. Exact dates are to be announced soon, we’ll keep you posted!

What’s the next project going to be about?

Honestly, at the moment, we don’t have a clue! We still have one entirely new episode ahead of us, and that’s all that occupies our mind right now. For now, all that we know about our future game is that we want it to be as personal and unique as ‘The Last Door’ is. Maybe it won’t be horror, nor point and click, but it’s still be something any ‘The Last Door’ player could relate to.

Have more questions?

I would love to have your questions answered, so if you have anything to say or to ask for, just leave a comment and I will happily address them.


28 thoughts on “What’s next for ‘The Last Door’?

  1. 🙁 Everything must come to an end, but The Last Door isn’t one of the things I’d like to see it end.

    Good job, guys. Very good job.

    1. Me too Ariel. I’m so sad :'(

  2. Can’t wait! Keep it up, guys!

  3. I can’t wait for the next episode and next game! It’s going to be sad to only have one more episode :c I really hope that one day there’ll be a season 3. The Last Door is one of the only games I love, the atmosphere is amazing and I love all the characters!

    1. What about cube escape from rusty lake.

  4. So if I was to buy season 2 for steam direct from your website, you would get all the proceeds? I’d rather do that then buy from steam directly, maybe through a humble widget perhaps?

    1. The Second Season Collector’s Edition will be sold exclusively by our partner Phoenix Online. But don’t worry, we still get a fair share of the money!

  5. Will the ”premium members” (if it’s still consider a thing) have a discount again on the collector edition?

    1. We still need to secure the details with our publisher, but’s is likely to happen.

  6. This been a very good run with these series, you should feel proud. I hope the production of the new game goes as smoothly as the last door good luck! x3

  7. I like to wait until all the episodes are released before playing. That’s what I did with Series 1. I waited and bought the Season 1 Collection (bought it on iOS and That’s what I’ll do for Season 2 as well.

    I do have a question, though. I know this is a big ask, but I was wondering if there was any possibility of The Last Door coming to consoles, such as PlayStation 4. I’d love to be able to play The Last Door on my living room TV!

    Either way, thanks for a great game!

    1. Hi Ben, publishing in certain platforms is really expensive. We would like to do it, and if we can afford to invest that can of money at some point, we will.

  8. As sad as I am to see this series go (for now), I have every faith that the next episode will be entirely satisfying. So excited to see what you all have in store for us, and good luck in future projects!

  9. oh, i’m very sad to hear that, but i understand. TLD is really a masterpiece, and i will miss Jeremiah really much!

  10. This is bittersweet. Getting story questions answered is great, but endings are sad. The Last Door reminded me of being a kid and playing adventure games. I felt like I rediscovered them when I stumbled across this game.
    It is the perfect example of a game that reinvents a classic style of gaming with enough modernity to make it palatable. The music, colors, and story- love it all. I will miss feeling that sense of discovery every few month.

  11. Thank you for the update. I love this game! Very happy to hear there will be a Windows Phone release – so few games are ported for this OS

  12. I cant wait cor season two to be released on ios and android. I absolutely LOVE this game. Thank you guys soooo much for such an amazing game and story. I been waiting for the entire second season to be finished before i started it, so so far, i only have season one completed on my ipad. I loved the collectors edition for it. Soo awesome. Thanx again guys. Im looking forward to supporting you guys theough all that you all do!!

  13. Sorry to hear that TLD is put on ice for a while, but yay for new things! You’ve done an amazing job with TLD, thank you for this wonderfully spooky game.

  14. It’s sad. With the story arc set as it was, I always thought The Last Door is going to be a three season project, or at least three seasons to get some major answers until something else happens. Now I fear you won’t have enough space to address everything that should be addressed, plus all the minor things and characters that made their appearances throughout the series. But I’m not judging anything I haven’t seen yet.
    And besides, from what you say it’s not like you are going to disappear; and I bet your new project will be as awesome as this one is. And when you feel the time is right, you can always choose to continue the one game we all here fell in love with. 🙂

  15. Hi guys,

    I cannot wait to play the last past of Season 2 – and am really sad that it’s coming to an end. This game is the most wonderfull amazing, groovy, fantastic, atmospheric one I have ever played!
    Good luck with developing the last episode!
    and we’ll definetly be there waiting for your new project when it comes!


  16. Will Season 1 be free again ? After many many years ?

    1. Season 1 remains playable for free at various sites. In English only, and not HD audio thou. Cheers.

  17. I have genuinely enjoyed playing The Last Door, and I’ll probably stick around to back you guys for your next project, whatever it may be!

    I would like to know if you guys are thinking of having the community help contribute to your next project, like in the The Last Door Betas? That was something I really enjoyed participating in.

  18. I would really love a Season 3 at the game the last door.. I just finished the Season 2… please try to make possible a 3rd Season all the fans, gamers or whatever u want to call’em will be very exited as me…. please respond this question I’ll be very grateful… I’ll be waiting for the 3rd Season very anxious.. 🖤😍

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment! We are working on a new game called Blasphemous. The Last Door may return in the future, but for now, we’re focused in this new project.

  19. i really would like to see a season 3 of the last door but it seems as if most of the main issues were resolved in the last episode. Personally I am a big fan of your work especially season 2 episode 3, the reunion. it crated an eerie feeling and had a lot of suspense I really loved the level design and although episode 4 does not captivate me that much and the level design isn’t as good, I still kept on playing it and If you are working on a new project’ I am eager to play and i’m sure it will be something just as awesome as this; but still I would really like to see a season 3 of this with the great storyline and background music. Good luck.

  20. Hi,
    First off I’d like to say what great games the two TLD games are. I’d love to see a third, but equally am looking forward to your next game, whatever it is.
    I have to report that I think I’ve found a bug in episode 4 in The Android version. The gold key will not open the trapdoor in the house. It does not become ringed in yellow. I’m running Android 6.0.1 on samsung galaxy s2 tablet. Is this fixable by you at all? I couldnt see anything on your forums. Cheers for now.

  21. Hi, after finishing season 1 and I am excited to play season 2 of The last door. Keep it up guys ! Excellent and artistically Job! Hopefully you brings some new games 😉

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