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The Last Door Season Two, now available in Steam Early Access

We’ve teamed once again with our friends at Phoenix Online Publishing to bring The Last Door: Season Two to Steam Early Access. Check out the new announcement trailer:

Why Early Access you’d ask? Well, for us is the the perfect opportunity to work all the technicalities (and QA) of releasing the game in Steam simulteneously to the creatives being working hard in the newest episode, the much anticipated Season Two’s finale. This is part of our commitment to bring the all platforms much sooner than we did for Season One, where it took us almost 4 month to release on Steam, two months for iOS, and two more for Android. This time around, we’re hopeing to release in all other platform in 1-2 month after the availability of the final episode.

If you’d follow the development of The Last Door series, you’d proabbly know how much we enjoy working with the community to make the game as awesime as it can get. For all of the game’s fans who prefer to play in Steam, this release in Early Access would open this process to them for the first time. The first episode of the new Season, “The Playwright” is near final state, but still we’ll be listening to player’s feedback on the Steam forums and working with players to make the game standout.

Finally, if you’re one of those who know for sure you want to play the final game, still you can benefit from the Early Access reduced price, if you buy the game now you’ll save 20% of the release price!

This is our first time on Early Access, please let us know what you think in the comments below 😉


10 thoughts on “The Last Door Season Two, now available in Steam Early Access

  1. I think that’s a wonderful idea, Mauri and the team 😉
    I will play the first episode tomorrow because right now I can’t access to my PC and then I’ll give you feedback even if I have already played it in the website, it’s even much better, like that I can watch the differences. Tell me where I can give the feedback on that, what’s better. You knew it already but your game is… Okay, you know it already, I will not do a roman, ha ha !

  2. Hey everyone !

    So, I played the first episode and here what I think : On my computer, the font is not really pixelated anymore, I prefer like the season 1, the first font, but this is a personal thing…. The hand in the season 2 don’t bend anymore when I click, for instance, on the board to board-up the house in the introduction, I preferred before, this give a very good mood to the game.
    Little bugs here and there like when you give the mask to the lady, miss Kohne, the dialogue is not appearing and when you want to look at the portrait in front of the archives, Wakefield gets closer to the picture and miss Riswell says “this area is off limit” and you have to wait until you give the newspaper to her to see the description of the picture. And the music when I entered Paul Street doesn’t stop, I heard the music like if I was in East Hill, until I came to the old destroyed chapel. I like the new way the safe puzzle has turned up into and the new candle light. But despite all these little things, this chapter is awesome ! The atmosphere, the mood, I wonder if I am the only one who can feel those things, umm, weird…

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi Hugues, I’ve already fixed some of those. They all will be fixed for the next update. Thanks for the kind words and for spoting these issues!


      1. Thanks Mauri !

  3. I already buy it!

    Ah, yes… when Wakefield awoke after his adventure on the opiun dent, one of his speeches are exchanged with Kauffman.

  4. And Mauricio, one other things that I wanted to tell you: we don’t have the date, you know, like in the first chapter… ? : October, 1891. I hold so much importance into that game that I preferred this way, but it is your choice. And that’s it with the other message. Thank you very much !!!

  5. It would be great to have a Mac version as well. Really looking forward to it.

    1. Hi! It’s already being testing, and will be available soon.

  6. Hi!
    Love the game! ☺ I purchased the first season pack for Windows Phone.
    I don’t see any of the Second Season episodes or packs in the Store yet. Will you be making a version for us Windows users too? I always actually buy games I like to support to authors!

    Thank you!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi! Yes, hopefuly we will be able to bring the new season to Windows Store too. No dates yet. Thanks!

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