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Why we stopped selling ‘The Last Door’ browser version

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following changes in our website, applies only to people who are considering buying the game for the first time. Existing paying customers are and will always be able to play and enjoy the game as they used to. If you already own the game (and you purchased it it in our website) these changes do not affect you much. Please use this link to access the episodic browser version of the game:

link to access the website for existing customers

The motivation behind those changes

The original, episodic, browser version of the episodes of ‘The Last Door’ series was getting more and more difficult to support for several reasons:

– Support for both Flash and Unity plugins are being removed / discontinued in all major internet browsers. We’re getting more and more support request from people who are struggling to get the game running on their browsers.

– We really want people to play the best version of the game, which are the Collector’s Editions. The original episodes feel a bit dull compared to the ones in the CE, which makes it a bit pointless to keep them updated.

– Originally, each new episode of the game was introduced along with a new iteration of the engine, which in the end has made updating those a bit of a technical nightmare, since they are a bit like 8 different projects, technically speaking.

In order to have enough resources to move forward into new projects, we need to simplify the ongoing support of ‘The Last Door’ a little bit, which in the end has made us take the decision of stop selling the episodic version of the game through the website.  So from now, we will only sell copies to the most curated version of the game: Season One and Two Collector’s Editions, which you may know, are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

One clear benefit from this move is that we’re finally going to have the resources to issue an update to the First Season (for PC and Mobile) which includes a couple of highly anticipated features, specially the added official support for a few more languages and the ability to use community generated translations.

This is planned to happen soon, to coincide with the release of Season Two on iOS and Android.

Finally, I would like to thanks our incredible community of players for bearing with us through difficult times we’ve had during the development of ‘The Last Door’, you guys rock!


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  1. Ich spiele das Spiel gerne auf mein Handy aber die anderen Episoden muss ich mir kaufen können sie das einfach nicht kostenlos machen

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