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Such a great week! :)

Hiya mates,

Last fortnight was absolutely crazy for any spanish video games developer. It was very important because in the period of five days, three important appointments were held in Barcelona:

– PAD Congress (spanish professional associated developers summit)
– Gamelab 2014 (the national games and entertainment conference and awards)
– The Burger Developer Central (the spanish Indie developer community meeting and awards)

It was a really important engagement for “The Game Kitchen” and as such, we had to be there. Additionally, we were nominated for some industry awards 😀 .Thus, Mateo and Carlos headed to Barcelona to represent both The Game Kitchen and our flagship game: The Last Door.

1) First stop was on Tuesday, in the PAD congress where more than 36 indie companies exhibited their games. The event took place in a really cool old brewery where our teammates engaged in many networking activities and strengthening relationships with other spanish industry actors.


2) Gamelab started on Wednesday June 25th, and we took part in the Indie Showcase where we had the chance to show “The Last Door” to everyone involved in the gaming industry (other friend studios, publishers, game platforms and portals, etc.). Additionally, we were nominated in the Gamelab awards as “the best OST” and “best game for PC”. We didn’t win anything but we didn’t mind because while the event was being carried out, a great surprise was waiting for us… Tim Schafer was there! He was holding a conference in the summit and he also took some advantage of his spare time to try some of the latest spanish video games.

So yes, the master creator of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango tried out “The Last Door” and he really enjoyed it! He played our first episode and he got really impressed by our opening sequence and he praised our work, so that was.. amazing. Like a dream come true! 😀


We were so excited that we barely could say a word, so it’s better you just watch the video…

3) Finally, the following day, we attended the Indie Burger Awards, presented by Burger Developer Central, a group of indie game developers and burger lovers, who reward the best independent games on the national scene. And we were all the rage! We won two of the most important prizes (“We want a sequel” and “The most whizzbang game”). And that was our moment and we burst with joy!


Have a look to the pictures.. it was a memorable moment.. and we wanted to share it with you all. Thanks mates, this great news are also yours..  😀



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