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Some thoughts on the final episode

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.
-Ursula K. Le Guin

Almost three years has past since the first episode of The Last Door came out. In such time, the series’ characters and ourselves the developers have gone through a lot of change. One could say that we’ve evolved as developers, as a studio and of course as individuals, while witnessing how the series managed to grow into a big, caring and supporting, community. It’s because of that, despite all the issues we’ve faced in the past, we kept going on, going forward. But as with everything that ever starts, there must be an end to this little journey.

Because all of this, this final episode is probably the hardest to make. Since we’ve started the series, we we’re committed to give it a meaningful ending. As we know from games and TV shows we love, good endings are remarkably important to achieve a global satisfaction. That’s why we want all The Last Door’s fans to have the ending they deserve.

Final Episode Screenshot
Wondering what kind of lessons took place here…

At the moment, the story has reached a turning point where all (most) of the truth should be revealed. There’re going to be many answers in this final episode, and so, players will have to deal with a lot. Story development for this episode is getting complex, wide and meticulous, so there’s no loose end when the curtain falls.

I won’t get into much detail about the story, but suffice to know that the journey will continue where the last episode finished. There’s going to be plenty of unexpected situations and horrific setting, making this episode the most intense of the series.

New Episode Screenshot
Fancy a bath in this out-of-this-world beach?

Answering one the most frequently asked question about the story of The Last Door, the plot of this final episode has been wandering in my mind since the beginning of the series. It has obviously suffered some changes as new episodes were being released, but essentially it has been always there. As always, even more so this time being the last one, we’re putting all our love and energies in the making of this final episode. We truly can’t wait until we put this baby into your hands 😉

We hope you guys are as excited about we are about the Season Two finale as we are.

-Videte ne quis sciat.

15 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the final episode

  1. I can’t wait for the finale – I’ve been telling all my friends and recommending the series as the best horror game I’ve played for many years.

    I suppose my only questions are these; Considering this is a finale and you want to avoid spoilers will there be a beta testing period for the players for this episode? I really want to help test and offer feedback but I also really want to wait and go in without already knowing some/all the surprises

    1. We’re hopeing to be able to run a beta period as usual. In our betas, we usually don’t include the actual ending of the episode, so I guess it’s somewhat safe story-wise to enjoy the Beta, submit feedback, and the play again once the final version is released.

  2. It’s been a hell of a run. Can’t wait to finish. Saluton!

  3. OOOOOhhh !!!

  4. Will there be a Season 2 Collector’s Edition?

    1. Yes! Actually, it’s already on Steam Early Acccess:

  5. I have enjoyed this series from the start, and look forward to the final episode. Don’t try too hard to please “the fans”, if it means compromising your story. I am more interested in seeing/playing what you and your team think will make a good ending, as opposed to what you might think we want. I have every confidence that this will be a satisfying end to a wonderful game. Thank you all!

    1. I’d say so far we have somewhat achieve a good balance between doing what we really want to as authors of the series, and delivering what the audience wants. Hope we’re able to do it just one more time 😉

  6. I don’t know if I’m ready for this story to end…

    But y’all deserve a great finale for this series. I cannot wait to play it.

  7. I have been through from the first of the series to the previous one, and I can truly say, that it has been a great experience. I’m glad I knew this game and I do really hope this game gets more attention in the YouTube realm. So far only Ken has played it, and I guarantee that if the big guys like Pewds or Markiplier started playing it, it would really get insanely popular.

    One little request: Although the season 2 was released on Steam, could you please include Mac version as well?

    1. It’s already being tested. Will be added though update soon.

  8. May I ask why haven’t you guy release season on Windows Phone yet? I mean I played season 1 and It’s terrific! And season 2 seems to have finnished, and the Collector Version is even on Steam. So any chance we might see season 2 on the mobile in the future?
    BTW, great game

    1. Hi Trung! The second season is not quite finished yet! The final episode is currently in Beta, which for The Last Door means it’s currently under heavy changes, incorporating the feedback from our comunity of players (of the episodic browser version).

      The mobile release will come in early 2016, although concrete dates have not been disclosed yet.


  9. First of all, I just want to congratulate you guys for the amazing game that you have created. But I have a question: In previous blog posts you said you where gonna end this season and take a break from The Last Door, but that you might return at a later date. Is this still happening? Because now it seems pretty final… Hopefully you will return to this story soon! Ill love to see it continue for several more seasons!


    1. We would love to return to this IP in the future! It really depends on many factors: there’s still enough things to be told about this universe? there’s enough interest from the fan base? can we secure the funds to work on this particular project?

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