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Creating seamless looping ambience tracks

Hello! I’m Carlos Viola, in my first blog post I want to talk about how we do the loops of the ambient sounds in TLD 😉

Composing a song that loops correctly is just a matter of making the end of the song go nice next to the beginning. In the other hand, for an ambience track, where there’s no structure or notes but noises, it can get a little bit tricky.

I’ll show how we do it using Cubase, but you can do pretty much the same with any software following the same tips.

First, we need to create an ambient track with some sounds, like wind, water, city noises, etc..  We mix this noises or sounds in a single track to create the correct sensation of a soundscape. You’d want to make it a little bit longer than what’s strictly required, since a small portion of it will be discarded during the process of making it loop.


Then, we import the track into our audio software and duplicate it


Now we need to join the tracks making a crossfade between them, is important to do this with mathematical coherence, you need to have a beat grid and snap the second track in a time event, for example 16 beats into the first track.


Then select a zone between the two tracks starting from 16 beats into the first track and ending from 16 beats of the second one.

And that’s it, now you have a perfect loop zone to export into a single track. Simply discard what’s out the “perfect loop zone” and you’re done!

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