Black Rose Wars

Escape The Dark Castle

Steam Watchers

Wild Assent

Rallyman GT

Sword and Sorcery


The Breach

Infinity Defiance


The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

The Hunger

With more licenses coming soon!

How Licensed Games Works

With All On Board!, you can enjoy licensed board games in a whole new way. We are still partnering with publishers to bring their titles to our platform as DLCs.

Like in real life, players will only need to purchase one copy on any licensed game for the platform to be able to play with their friends. Your friends can enjoy your games for free, as you can enjoy theirs!

Play with friends from all over the world

Take board games to a whole new level by playing in unique locations that will leave you speechless.

Organize a game session and invite your friends to join you from any platform with day 1 crossplatform support.

Personalise your avatar and customise every detail.

Enjoy realistic and natural interactions, just like in real life!

Save your game progress at any time.

No need to worry about cleaning up after a game or preserving the cards!

No time to waste! 

Save and Restore the state of the session, and enjoy the long and complex titles you never find time to play in real life.

Is something missing?

Create your own board games and test them with your friends. Think they’ll like it?


The perfect tool for board game designers

Expand your board game library with mods created by you and other users.

Late Pledge Coming Soon!

Help us bring the best board gaming experiences to VR.

Join our newsletter to be the first to know when the Late Pledge becomes available. Get access to the most exciting board games platform before anyone else!

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