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Sustainability at “The Game Kitchen” :)

Hi Folks,

Following the idea of you getting to know our company better, we wanted to write this post to tell you a little bit more about The Game Kitchen, developers of The Last Door.

We consider ourselves to be socially conscious and we wanted to shout it from the hills. This is not the typical CSR communication stuff, it’s just that we wanted to talked about all these small things that are easy to do and when putting all together, makes the difference.

In this sense, here at The Game Kitchen, we have implemented a series of policies in order to build a better and more sustainable world. Some of these policies are:

– We all use public transport or/and bikes to arrive to our office.


– One mandatory characteristic for our new office was that it had to be very natural illuminated so we wouldn’t have to turn on the lights frequently. In the top of that, our electricity supplier provides us 100% of green energy.


– We recycle all the plastic and paper waste from our office.


– All the electronic devices at our office have efficient consuming features.


– We work with Triodos Bank, an ethical bank entity that doesn’t speculate and supports real and ethical economy, focused on people instead of capital.


– We believe in degrowth, so any time we need something or something gets broken, we try to fix it instead of buying a new one or we even make a new one using our crafting skills.


Not really strong dudes but when we moved to the new office, we preferred to move 2nd hand furniture instead of buying new ones (one week of stiffness :S )


As said, they are just small details but definitely, every little thing counts.

Thanks mates!

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