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The Last Door Season Two, now available in Steam Early Access

We’ve teamed once again with our friends at Phoenix Online Publishing to bring The Last Door: Season Two to Steam Early Access. Check out the new announcement trailer:

Why Early Access you’d ask? Well, for us is the the perfect opportunity to work all the technicalities (and QA) of releasing the game in Steam simulteneously to the creatives being working hard in the newest episode, the much anticipated Season Two’s finale. This is part of our commitment to bring the all platforms much sooner than we did for Season One, where it took us almost 4 month to release on Steam, two months for iOS, and two more for Android. This time around, we’re hopeing to release in all other platform in 1-2 month after the availability of the final episode.

If you’d follow the development of The Last Door series, you’d proabbly know how much we enjoy working with the community to make the game as awesime as it can get. For all of the game’s fans who prefer to play in Steam, this release in Early Access would open this process to them for the first time. The first episode of the new Season, “The Playwright” is near final state, but still we’ll be listening to player’s feedback on the Steam forums and working with players to make the game standout.

Finally, if you’re one of those who know for sure you want to play the final game, still you can benefit from the Early Access reduced price, if you buy the game now you’ll save 20% of the release price!

This is our first time on Early Access, please let us know what you think in the comments below 😉