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The Last Door Season One’s Assets released under Creative Commons

Great news!

Today we’re releasing all of Season One assets under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license! What does it mean? That you can now use the original sprites of the first Season of the game to make your own content: decorate Youtube videos, animated Gifs, remixes or even your own games if you want!

The license only entitles you to mention where did you get the assets from: ‘The Last Door’ alongside this url somewhere in your content (in the video description, in a readme.txt file or a credits sequence maybe?).

What’s in the package?

You’ll find a zip file containing all graphical assets (scenery, animated sprites for characters and much more) from the first four episodes of The Last Door! That’s about 2,500 PNG files you can use for anything you can come up with 😉

Download link

Licensing details

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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