The Game Kitchen

The Last Door

Free to play, Horror adventure. Developed episodically alongside the community, has won several prizes. Prised by players and press, frequently called an indie gem and "A love letter to H.P. Lovecraft"

Play for free (Browser)

Special edition (Steam)

Point-and-click | Psychological Horror

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Our own rules

We make games we'd like to play. We prefer following our gamer heart instead of market tendencies.


We love games that can be played by all. We invest a lot in making our games accessible and sometimes, we help others studios making their games more accessible too.

Social change

We care about society, and believe games still have to unleash their potential as a very capable social change tool.


We've published for mobile, the web, and PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux). We hope to expand into consoles as well, very soon.



We use whatever gets the job done. In case you're curious...
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